Try Amazing Improvement Design That Transforms Your House Into A Palace

There was a time when home improvements were a buzz everywhere. No matter where I was going, all I heard was how beautiful and excellent home improvements are. The idea of how one can transform one’s house completely in to a new one, really fascinated me and thus I wanted to try it. I also heard a lot about American home improvements and thus called them to do the work.


My plan was to ask them to improve my kitchen and bathroom. This was because my kitchen and bathroom, both were not up to the mark with the rest of the house. I wanted to see how they work, and what will be the cost. Therefore, I asked them to improve my kitchen and bathroom.


Within few weeks, their job finished, and the American home improvements proved their amazing ability. My kitchen transformed with new cabinets and countertops, along with new flooring and window work. My bathroom looked more stylish and elegant. The best thing was that I expected them to bring in new bathroom-wares like sinks cupboard etc., and charge me a good amount. But the home improvement teams used the existing ones, but in a new design giving it an all new look. My husband could not identify that the bathroom-wares are the same one from the old bathroom.

Seeing such a nice work and at such a reasonable price, I asked them to improve more segments of my house. They worked on my garage, outdoors etc and improved all of it. They even got me an external kitchen installed in my back area and got me beautiful vinyl covers to boundary my patio. The same house, which was just an ordinary house, is now a landmark of that area, and I take pride in possessing it.

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Improve Your House Instead Of Buying A New One

I was thinking of buying a new house and was discussing in amongst my friends during lunch hours. That is when one of my friend referred ‘American Home Improvements’ agency to me. Actually, the main reason why I wanted a new house was because the kitchen at my current house was too small and clumsy and the dining hall too was packed with furniture. Thus, my friend suggested that improving my house would be a better idea than buying a new one. This seemed logical and I fixed an appointment with the American home improvements.

American Home Improvements’ Magic:

Within few weeks of their work, they brought a new feel and new life out of my otherwise dead house. The same house that seemed dull and dead seemed beautiful. They changed the whole structure of the house, starting from windows, floor, to adding up of external kitchen, and expansion of my bathroom. The same house seemed new and refreshing. Not only that, the new design was spacious and equipped with modern day features.


American home improvements were one of the best suggestions I ever received from my friend.  They charge money, but they gave me satisfying value for the reasonable amount I paid. In one word, I was happy with their work.

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My Old House Became All New, That Too Without Spending Much Money

We bought our house after few years of our marriage, and it was one of the most modern and latest designed houses. But gradually with time and development, very soon it became one of the old houses in the locality. On suggestion on our children and our grandchildren, we did renovate the exterior of our house, so that it doesn’t looks completely alien, but the interior remained same. That is when someone recommended American Home Improvements to me.

My Initial Reaction:

First when I heard about these guys, I thought they are just like other renovation company, who promise you to make your house new altogether, but later on just install few technical appliances and charge you a fortune. But I was wrong. These guys stood to what they promise, that is, to deliver improvement. They took a stroll into my house and had a look. They asked me what I wanted and straight away got to work.

What They Did?

They started from the living area and the bedrooms and then finally to kitchen and bathrooms. First of all they asked me my requirements and then suggested me few designs that would suit my house. I was totally blank as all the designs they showed to me where exceptionally good. The only thing that kept worrying me was that was it really possible to transform my existing house into an altogether modern designed house? To my surprise, they kept answering ‘yes’, to this question. Finally, they gave me the final design of the changes they were going to make in my house.

What Happened Next?

What followed after that was simply unbelievable for me. My whole house transformed into a new one, and I myself could not believe that it was the same house. They transformed our living area completely into a modern day drawing room. They transformed everything starting from the floor to the roof. They changed my bedroom into a massive 5 star suite, and my bathroom transformed into beautiful bathroom. They really improved my kitchen as well. Not only they arranged cabinets and cooking space in such a way that I got extra space, but also placed a separate cutting area in my kitchen, with a high chair so that I can cut my vegetables comfortably. Really cooking now looks fun.


The transformation that they did was amazing, but what was more amazing was that they did this for a very reasonable price, which was much below than what I expected. Actually I spoke to few other improvement agencies as well and asked them how much would they charge for improvement in my house. Thus, I had a rough idea of what the price can be, but surprisingly ‘American home improvements’ charged even less.

Final Opinion About Them:

After meeting so many improvement and renovation agencies, and after seeing the amazing improvement of my house, one thing which I can say for sure is that ‘American home improvements’ are the best in the business. They not only gave us what we were looking for, but gave us something even better than that. All I can say is “Thank You”.

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Turn Your Existing House Into A Lavish One In Weeks And In Budget

My parents were getting old but did not want to shift to a new house. They lived their entire house in the old house and wanted to live in the same house, in their last days. At the same time, they wanted me and my wife and children to live with them. Though they never forced, but I could easily understand that this makes them happy. Living in that house was not a problem, but the house was old and hence the construction too was old fashioned. With so many members to live in this house, we needed more space. That is when my wife thought of home improvements.

Selecting American Home Improvements:

Once we decided that we will get the same house improved, we began searching for improvement companies that can do the job. We began searching for available good home improvement companies. We called many of them, but most of them did not work out as they said the house was too old and too small to be improved as per our requirements. We turned down few of them because they were charging way too much. Finally we came across American home improvements who agreed on improving the house our way, and that too in our budget.

Design Selection And Improvement:

Once everything was finalized, we had to select the design that we wanted our new house to look into. These guys promised that the whole house will transform into a new one. Selection of the design was a hectic task, not because the designs were ugly or not up to the mark of our recruitment, but because all the designs were excellent and we could not decide on one design. I and my wife, both were confused. However, I must tell that these guys were really great and even helped us in choosing the best design to match our budget. The next stage was work in progress.

Relocation During Work:

I was pretty sure that by the time they work and improve our house, we will have to shift to a new house. But on asking the American home improvement workers, I was informed that they will work each room one by one. Thus, they advised that I could use one room, which was not being improved at that time. However, the house was not fit for so many people. So I sent my parents and kids to my cousins place and me and my wife stayed back to witness our house improve.

Final Outcome:

Within weeks they transformed our house into a new one. Literally, it was a new house all together. I could not believe it that it was the same house that I was worried about living in few weeks ago.  The whole new and spacious living room, elegant kitchen with beautiful closet and cabinets, comfortable and stylish bedroom and lavish and large bathrooms, was what they delivered at the end. Even my parents and kids, when they returned, were surprised by the great looks and beautiful design of the improved house.

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