International Association for Science, Technology, & Society




20th Annual Meeting
10-12 February 2005
Baltimore, MD

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The International Association for Science, Technology and Society (IASTS) recently changed from the National Association for Science, Technology and Society (NASTS) to better reflect the global scope and membership office clearance of the organization. IASTS is an organization of special interest for interdisciplinary thinkers concerned about the interrelationships among science, technology and society (STS), with a particular emphasis on the impact of science and technology on society. Interested parties may include teachers and educators, scientists and engineers, ethicists, environmentalists, and business leaders among others.

Each year we offer an annual meeting and conference centering on a theme relative to STS. Our conference provides an opportunity to meet and discuss topics of interest to those committed to thinking and actions addressing issues of ethical, scientific and societal interest.

An Association with a Mission

  • To re-integrate western culture to include technology and society

  • To create a technologicallyliterate citizenry

  • To help human societal values direct an evolving technology

  • To provide a radically new approach to education concerned with science and technology at all levels

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